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Hello, my name is Stephanie Cronin. I am a graphic designer and illustrator. Here's a little look at what I do...


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Crafty Business Networking group

Posted on Oct 5 by

I’m pleased to report that the first Crafty Business Networking group meeting was a great success! 18 of us met at the Oak Star Cafe at The Civic on Monday and enjoyed...


Bringing businesses together

Posted on Aug 28 by

  I’m not that keen on networking as a rule. I’m not the most confident person when it comes to introducing myself to strangers, but I found this...


Putting Baaarnsley on the map

Posted on Jul 13 by

The run up to the Tour De France felt like an exciting time to be in Yorkshire – we could show the world what a special place Barnsley is! Communities were pulling together...


Quirky Portraits available online!

Posted on May 22 by

I have opened a shop on to make it easier for you to buy your Quirky Portraits – the perfect gift for friends and family! Rest assured that it’s still the...


Sharpening the creative mind

Posted on Feb 19 by

I often suffer from stress, what with the pressures of being an everyday wonderwoman and general ‘information overload’ of the modern world. I feel that I get distracted by the...