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You are passionate about what you do and you want everything to be top notch, but you're not sure you're making the right marketing decisions. You are a positive soul, but you're stuck on how to tell people what you're all about. You'd like help putting some polish on things and making them shine! If only you were telling your story just right. If only you had the marketing thing sorted. Wouldn't that be great?


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We could be a great team if... You would like an image you can be proud of, that truly reflects who you are ... You want more nice people to know about you and what you do ... You would love to create marketing campaigns that talk to your clients in an honest and pressure-free way.

A little bit about me... I am Steph Cronin, founder of Black Bee Creative. I started my company because I love design, creativity and communication and I want to use my skills to help good people do good things.

Black Bee Creative can provide you with... Graphic design, marketing campaigns and strategy, illustration, a little copy editing and lots of creative enthusiasm!

I have a special place in my heart for clients who... Are doing what they are passionate about for a living ... Want to make the world a better place ... Put their small change in the charity box.

Take a look around my services, explore what I've done for other lovely people in my portfolio, and drop me a line.


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Gonna party like it’s my birthday!

Posted on May 24 by

  Hooray, hooray! Black Bee Creative is 3 years old today! So much has happened since I registered Black Bee Creative as a company and I started my quest to make the world a...


World Intellectual Property Day

Posted on Apr 26 by

As it’s World Intellectual Property day today I thought I’d revisit a piece that I wrote that briefly sums up a workshop all about IP by the brilliant Liz Paton of...


Active Consulting

Posted on Apr 25 by

I’m working on quite a few branding jobs at the moment, one of which is for a training company called Active Consulting. Director Nathan Akers asked me to help create a...


Yorkshire Choice Awards

Posted on Apr 6 by

Last year I got a lovely call out of the blue from a lady at the Yorkshire Choice Awards to tell me that I had been nominated for a Business Woman of the Year Award. The awards...


Whet your appetite for branding!

Posted on Mar 27 by

  I’m thrilled to be working on branding a new business called Whet Wellbeing, which is fronted by all-round lovely lady Rachel Waddington. Whet Wellbeing  seeks to...


Looking forward to 2016

Posted on Jan 3 by

  Happy new year! I hope 2016 is treating you well so far? I’m not really one for making big resolutions as I find them a bit overwhelming, instead I prefer to try to...