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It was a real honour to be one of the judges at the LTL Enterprise Challenge finals day at Tankersley Manor in Barnsley, South Yorkshire on Monday.

Around 2,000 children from years 4, 5 and 6 across Barnsley Primary schools were involved in the challenge and 20 schools took part on the finals day.

The scheme is run by the amazing team at Louder Than Life Enterprise and the contest was hosted by Ashleigh Porter-Exley, who won the BBC’s Young Apprentice in 2012, and is passionate about young people. This event is a seriously big deal!

Each school was asked to produce designs for a product so that children can play music together outside. They had to come up with a name, look at their perfect customer, budgets, financial forecasts etc, just as if it was a real business.

The judging groups were in 3 separate rooms, and throughout the morning the teams of school children came in to deliver their presentations to us.

Every group had a different take on it, which was really interesting to see. Some came in chanting, some came with music, some came with models of their designs, but absolutely all of them came with enthusiasm!

After they presented we had a few minutes to ask them some questions (like Dragons Den, but hopefully less intimidating!) and then we scored each team on different criteria. When totted up, these scores revealed our room winner.

After lunch we gathered in the hall and the children have the opportunity to ask a panel of young professional business people some questions. Then came the awards ceremony!

There were many different categories including: most enterprising girl, most enterprising boy, most enterprising teacher, most enterprising school, most enterprising team, the enterprise challenge awards (three trophies – one for each of the rooms of judges), the Vortex enterprise award, the Rotary of Stainborough award, the Premiere Personnel award and the LTL Enterprise Challenge winners.

I has the great fortune to present one of the Enterprise Challenge awards, alongside with my friend Laura Hawkins from CopyCat Party Company, to our winners The Dramatic Drummers from Joseph Locke Primary School.
As you can see from the photo we were overflowing with sheer joy to give the trophy to the kids!

They gave a brilliant presentation, with excellent branding, which, as a graphic designer, is obviously a big plus point for me. Check out their t-shirts with their logo on the front and they even had their Twitter address on the back!
Big congratulations also go to the Summer Lane Primary School team for being the overall winners. I didn’t see their presentation, but heard that it was very impressive!

I cannot tell you what a brilliant day it was! I left feeling so inspired by the children and I am looking forward to seeing where they go in future. I hope that being part of this challenge has given them confidence and has motivated them to reach for the stars!

Thanks to Louder Than Life for asking me to be a judge, and to photographer Scott Bairstow  for allowing me to use these photos. I think he captured the whole experience perfectly!

I would love to be involved in this process again. It was such fun and it’s was an honour to help inspire the next generation of new business community in Barnsley.