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I’ve complimented a couple of people recently by saying “You look great, what’s different about you today?” and both told me the same thing – they’d been to see Karina Leacock at House of Colour and were simply wearing the colours that suited them best. I thought “I want some of that!” so I invited her to speak at the Crafty Business Networking group this month to find out more.


Karina Leacock is an award-winning Image Consultant who empowers and inspires people to be the best version of themselves. She works with people from all walks of life, coaching from the ‘outside in’, to use colour and style as essential tools to build visibility, credibility and confidence in their personal image.

The title of Karina’s talk was ‘The purple cow – How and why we use colour and style to stand out in our field.’ and she started by explaining that if you saw a purple cow in a field of black and white ones, you’d certainly remember it above all the others. This is what she helps people do – look memorable.

The way we look gives off messages, and there is an expectation for certain people to look a certain way. Bank managers are expected to wear a suit and artists are expected to look creative. Like it or not, we all pigeon hole each other by the way we look.

By analysing what colours and styles enhance our natural assets, Karina helps people to create a positive message. When your personal branding is right, you are memorable and authentic.

Karina took us on a tour of her colour wheel – a display of fabrics collated into four different seasons. The season that suits you depends on your skin tone and hair colour. Karina demonstrated the effects of different colours using Amy as a model, below. You can see that the pale green makes her look washed out, while the pink brings her to life and her eyes sparkle!


It’s not only about colour and style – Karina also looks at your personality and how that is reflected, so you can be your authentic self.

I like this quote from Coco Chanel as I think this sums it up perfectly “If a woman is not well-dressed one notices her for her outfit, but if she’s impeccably dressed it’s her that one notices”

As a graphic designer I like to ensure that my clients have an effective logo and that clients can easily recognise their product or service by the way it is branded. In business our personal appearance is an extension of this brand. I’ve promised myself that I would book an appointment with Karina to ensure that I get it right – I think it will be good for business.

You can find out more about Karina here.