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The client:
Barnsley Folk Club is a not-for-profit group run by volunteers which was founded in 1962. It is a small and friendly folk club that meets every monday night (except bank holidays) in Barnsley Trades Club Lounge. They believe that folk music should be accessible to everyone and welcome new fans and stalwarts of the scene – young and old!

Check them out here.

The brief:
To design a poster and flyer to advertise the listings for the Folk Club for the next year, which could be used as a template for future communications.

Personality-wise the group strive to be friendly, inclusive, welcoming and also to offer quality entertainment on guest nights. They liked the hand drawn effects on some of my other work and were keen to keep away from controversial Labour red or Tory blue!

The project:
A full year of listings is A LOT of text so I stripped out everything which wasn’t necessary and added asterisks to avoid repetition. Design-wise I decided it needed to be clear and really simple so aid legibility, so I  let the modern handwritten typeface set the mood. This is balanced by the aged paper background effect which puts across a sense of history, the classic ribbon banner and design flourishes.