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I was lucky enough to work with Gail as my coach when I started Black Bee 4 years ago, as she helped me to create a business that is so ‘me’. I was absolutely thrilled when Gail then asked for my help with her business!

Gail Cherry cover page

Cover page including new logo

Gail wanted to refresh her corporate identity to make her stand out from the crowd. The way Gail works is different to other coaches. Her approach is very nurturing, and she has a talent for simplifying things when it all gets a bit muddled, as running a business often does!

Gail works with her clients outdoors quite a bit, so this was something she wanted to bring in to her branding. What we ended up with was a stylised woodcut theme, working with rich colours emulating folklore (and I also like to think a bit of Snow White too!)

We worked on a new logo, business card, brochure/workbook and a variety of illustrations which Gail can use to make her documents more engaging.

Below are some of the illustrations I created for her.

GailCherry_BirchIllustration    Gail Cherry Bird illustrationGail Cherry Sun Illustration


You can find out more about Gail’s coaching here.