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This is the third year I’ve worked with events company Animo to create an identity for the Britannia Movers Conference. We have developed a great relationship where we can talk ideas through openly, and Company Director, Keith Merret is never shy of telling me what he likes and doesn’t like, which makes my job so much easier, it’s an absolute joy!

The Britannia conferences are always held in beautiful, fascinating parts of the world. Animo organise the each conference from scratch, and I create the brochures, literature and presentation materials following the chosen theme each year. We’re a great team and always create something that all three parties are really pleased with.

This year’s conference took place in Reykjavík, Iceland, which boasts volcanoes, a tectonic plate boundary, geysers and glaciers. With all that going on we let the photography take centre stage in a simple layout, inspired by the freezing temperatures and stunning snow-laden landscapes.