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Ceri Batchelder started her business Connect&Create in 2015. She brings science and healthcare together with the arts and creativity to develop collaboration and innovation opportunities and deliver projects. Her focus is on digital healthcare, healthcare innovation, medical humanities and science marketing and communication.

Ceri bought an off-the-peg logo when she started up, but as the business became more established she felt that she wanted an identity which represented Connect&Create better, so she asked me to give her logo a refresh.Connect&CreateInitialLogo

I took the icon from the initial logo and looked at how I could make it feel more creative while also creating a link to health. Here are a few examples of my research, using brush strokes and alternative colours.



Ceri felt that the brush stroke effects were not quite right for her and preferred the more subtle creative approach of dissecting the shapes. She liked the introduction of the blue (which I chose because it is recognisable from the NHS colour palette), as a reference to health.Connect&CreateFinalLogo


Once the logo was agreed I created different versions – in full colour, single colour and black and white etc and in different file formats so that Ceri has them to hand for every future eventuality. Finally, I designed Ceri’s business cards and got them printed and delivered for her.