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This month Sarah from Propolis Professional Services kindly joined us in the Craft Hub to tell us a bit about what she does and go through some pointers on good customer service. The subject created some great discussion and I think we all came away with some pointers.

Is how you do business a good match for your customers?
Look at where you sell and the language you use and make sure it aligns with your customers needs.

What is the next step? 
Whenever you meet a potential customer, be it at a craft fayre or online, ensure you make it easy for them to find you again in future. Send a link to your website or have a business card or literature handy.

Compile a mailing list of people who are interested in what you do so you can send them a newsletter to keep them up-to-date. Give customers a call to action.

Keep it simple
Be clear how people can order from you and how you wish to be paid. Many people don’t like to ask, so make it obvious to avoid your customers having to ask uncomfortable questions. Make it as simple as possible for them.

Keep customers informed
Things go wrong sometimes, but if you keep your customer in the loop it will give them a chance to make other arrangements if necessary. It’s better to let people down early and try to help them avoid a last minute disaster!

Get feedback
Ask your customers how they feel about your transaction. Dont forget to share good feedback with others as it’s a great way of attracting more custom.

If you get bad feedback, put the situation right as best you can and then share the story so that people can see that you listen to your customers and are proactive in putting things right.

Never respond to a complaint in the heat of the moment!

Saying something like “I’m sorry you feel that way” is a great way to start before explaining your point of view.

However tempting it may be, don’t get aggressive on social media. It will scare customers away and do more harm than good.