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This month we were joined by Etsy expert Rose Chambers who shared her secrets on how to create a thriving Etsy store.

Rose is the owner of a successful craft supplies shop, based in Leeds, called Unwrap Colour and has made over 15,000 Etsy sales. She is passionate about helping others with their Etsy businesses and is the founder and Captain of Etsy Team Leeds. Rose talked us through her Etsy journey, the importance of supportive creative communities and how to find success online.

Rose recommends Etsy as a great place to sell your products because it is a worldwide marketplace, and you can potentially reach millions of shoppers. It is a cheap, safe place to sell, and is not curated, so you can put whatever you like in your shop and see how it sells.

Rose gave us the lowdown on how she makes her Etsy shop work harder and increase revenue.

Rose’s first piece of advice was to read the Etsy Seller Handbook which can be found online. It’s full of useful resources including information about photography, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and even things like how to pitch your ideas to bloggers.

It’s a good idea to join the ‘Etsy UK and Ireland Support Team’ which is kept up-to-date with relevant information and also ‘Prototypes’ Etsy team for more established shops.



Rose’s top tips for a successful shop

  • Great product is key! At the end of the day if you don’t have a decent product there is no point in having a shop!
  • Know who you want to buy your product, and tailor your marketing towards them.
  • Good photography – if you are struggling to take these, get a professional to take some. “Crappy photos are a barrier to making profit” said Rose.
  • Use all 5 images for each product. Scale can sometimes be an issue, so show an idea of how big something is by using something to compare with in the photo.
  • SEO – help people find your product by using tags and keywords. Use different words for similar items to increase your reach. List in as many categories as possible. can help you with keyword searches. Check your stats to see what are your top performing keywords.
  • Shop name – make sure it is memorable, and is easy to pronounce and spell.
  • Keep an eye on your costs. Do your research to make sure you are getting the best price for everything. Things cost much less when bought in bulk.
  • Don’t sell out! Make sure you have a well stocked shop to keep all your customers happy!
  • Make sure your product descriptions are spot on. It may help if you try to describe your product as if there were no photos available. This is great for SEO and helps people find your product in searches. Tell people what the benefits of the product, not just the features. If a question about a product is asked more than once there is probably something lacking in your description.
  • Take note of feedback. Shout about the good stuff and use the bad stuff to get better.
  • Customer service. Check your shop settings for features.
  • Well-considered packaging. It doesnt have to be expensive, but imagine how you’d want it to look if you were sending the product to someone you really admire, then make every customer as important.
  • Fill in all of the information pages, including policies.
  • Don’t limit yourself to only selling in the UK. If you don’t wish to sell worldwide you can put your costs prohibitively high!
  • Shipping – fill in profiles for the UK, Europe and Rest of the World. For rest of the world costs use Australia and New Zealand as a basis, (as these are most expensive) then check prices on the Royal Mail website. Sometimes a courier can be a cheaper option, so do your research! If you sell a lot then a Royal Mail business account could save on costs.


Rose finished by telling us that while she found it is a steep learning curve, it is easy to make a living with Etsy if you work hard and follow these tips.