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Barnsley Council commissioned Barnsley charity Creative Recovery to produce a spectacular illustration to celebrate the town especially for the Tour de Yorkshire bike race which was starting its second leg in Barnsley town centre on 4th May 2018.

Creative Recovery is a people-led charity that uses creativity to support Recovery, boost wellbeing and bring about social change in Barnsley and across Yorkshire.

They support individuals and families with experience of mental health and/or drug and alcohol issues, working to develop communities, challenge stigma and nurture community spirit, with the aim to create a more accepting, inclusive and creative culture for all.

The canvas was the top levels of Barnsley Market’s multi-storey car park which fill a huge 2,773 square metres!

The idea was that as the TV helicopters flew over the town filming the race they would see our message to the world – “Barnsley is here! We have a rich history and are moving forward to a bright future!”

I worked with Creative Recovery Co-founder Helen Boutle and street artist Phil Hunter to develop the ideas of the Recovery Through Art team.

The design features two cyclists speeding through the Barnsley townscape. The background reflects the town’s regeneration as the cyclists travel from the industrial landscape into the new. The Town Hall is featured prominently to make it recognisable.

On race day we got this lovely coverage on ITV4 showing our creation in the morning sunshine.


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