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We are so lucky to have such a pool of talent in the Crafty Business group. Not only are we rich in creativity, but we are rich in knowledge. This was proven when it came up in conversation at a meeting a while ago that members were interested in finding out more about how to get their name out there and do their own publicity. Rachel McGuinn volunteered to come an talk to us about how to write great press releases. While she is best known to us as the lady who breathes new life into preloved dolls, she is also Senior Marketing Officer at Barnsley College and more than qualified to give us a quick lesson!

Here are some of Raychel’s top tips:

  • It’s always about the human interest element, so fundraising, helping other people, events with lots of people involved, awareness raising events, places you’ve visited – will always get better coverage than you just telling someone about something you have made.
  • Photographs with more than one person on get picked up more often – they sell papers!
  • Local newspapers like to know the persons age and street they live on.
  • Make sure your grammar and spelling is spot on – they want to copy and paste with little effort, so if they spot a mistake at the beginning, it will go in the bin. Make sure names are spelt correctly too, especially place names.
  • When adding quotes, make sure you add in quotation marks. If the quote is about 2 different things start a new paragraph but don’t close the quotation marks.
  • When emailing press releases, put the release into the body of the email, if you send it as an attachment it will get binned. Attach a good quality photo, but also put it into the body so they can see it without having to open it. Put the title of the press release in the subject:    PRESS RELEASE – interesting story
  • Always make sure you add to your own website, tweet and Facebook the story.
  • Make sure you use the 5W’s and How (also important for creating posters/flyers etc.) Who, Where, What, Why, When and How.


Thanks Raychel for a fab talk, I hope to see lots of members in the papers very soon!