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Selling your craft is a wonderfully fulfilling and personal way to earn an income. There are also times however when pursuing our craft can be lonely, overwhelming and hard to self-motivate and inspire. Steph Beever from Ambient Body and Mind joined us at Crafty Business to talk about her own dealings with difficult periods during her 5 years gaining income as an artist on top of a full time job and how to stay mindful, manage your mental wellbeing and keep the joy of creating alive!

Steph has had a varied career path – working in the admin department at CidaCo and meeting many insuring artists, becoming a teacher, opening her own gift shop, selling her illustrations and now working as a holistic therapist. She has been searching to find fulfilment and feels that she’s finally cracked it by combining her work with people doing holistic therapies with her more creative side as an illustrator.

Here are Steph’s tips on how to stay in love with your creative business:

Commit to do something
Even if you don’t feel 100% ready, making a commitment may be the action you need to kickstart things to go in the right direction.

Be positive
Everybody sees through a different lens. Choose to look at the positive rather than focus on the negative.

Don’t lose the feeling
Creative people often feel that the act of making something is like therapy, it can be a compulsion and we do it for pure enjoyment. When you start doing it for money it is easy to get caught up in the pressure of making money and to please our customers. What was once fun can then become a chore.

Be mindful
About only 20% of our thoughts are focussed on what we are doing at one particular moment, while the other 80% thinks about the future or the past. Have you ever eaten a meal while watching television and hardly tasted it because your mind was following the TV? Try to enjoy be mindful of the present and enjoy the process of creating.

Take a moment
Everyone has times when their creativity isn’t flowing. Instead of slogging away at it and panicking or punishing yourself, stop and try to make the situation more pleasant. You could take a break or put on some music for example. Having some quiet time can give you the space to listen to yourself and grow.

Get some balance
We love what we do but to keep loving it long-term we all need balance. Don’t forget to have a ┬ásocial life, spend time with your family and SLEEP!

You can find out more about Steph and what holistic therapies she has to offer here and her illustration work here.