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The client:
The Immortals is a group in Barnsley that put together alternative nights out for people aged 14 to 18 years old. Collaborating with artists, film-makers and musicians they are committed to promoting the idea that you don’t need to have a drink to have a good time! The project is supported by Young Addaction, a charity working in Barnsley to support young people and families addressing alcohol and drug issues as well as raising awareness about the risks of dangerous and excessive drinking and drug use.

The brief:
To create a flyer to advertise two events – one in May and one in September – which form part of a summer run of events called ‘Immortal Summer’. Both of the events involve a DJ playing chilled house at my favourite cafe – Sara’s Flowers and Teas in Barnsley.

I had some guidance from the young people on the kind of direction they wanted to go in, but there was still lots of creative freedom within the brief. They wanted something with a feel of the Café del Mar album covers – reflecting long hot summers, but not being too specific (let’s be realistic – we are in Barnsley after all!) I’m told that some of the Immortals like to collect the flyers for their bedroom walls, so it had to be stylish and (dare I say it) cool!


The project:
The chosen route was inspired by the promotional poster for the Bruce Brown surfing documentary ‘Endless Summer’. I have this poster on my wall at home. It’s so retro-cool I thought it would be great to introduce the style to a teens bedroom decor!

The colour palette of hot pink, orange, yellow and red was as hot-hot-hot as running barefoot across the beach at midday in summer. In contrast to the illustration I used a big bold typeface in charcoal black like a silhouette at the top, and bright sunshine yellow at the bottom. I kept the contact details separate from the imagery for easy reference.

A lovely tradition that I was happy to continue was to include personal messages to Immortals celebrating their birthdays. You can see CJ’s note running around
the sun.

What the client said:

“Thank you for doing this for us – the work is superb. It’s gone so smoothly cos you’re so easy to work with.”


If you are worried about drugs or alcohol, you can ring Young Addaction 01226 705 980, visit the website here or call in to the offices at 1-3 Regent Street, Barnsley for confidential advice.