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My good buddy Julie Pratt has been a successful jewellery designer for many years, but put her career on the back burner for a while when her children were small. Now they’re at full-time school Julie is back and wants to develop her business to it’s full potential. As part of this, she decided to have a revamp of her logo to make it more modern, but still keep the classic feel of the original.

This is Julie’s original business card which looks quite dated with it’s serif typography. It doesn’t reflect Julie herself, or her work, which is very fresh and clean.



We looked at many different ways to refresh the logo, but Julie chose this version (below) which simply updated the serif typeface to a simple sans serif font, introduced a key line around the circle and refined the text to remove the word ‘designer’. It’s much more Julie, is in keeping with her taste and the jewellery she produces.




You can have a look at Julie’s work here.