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This month we welcomed the new year with a positive outlook as Lisa Walker from White Apple Thinking spoke to us about how to make new resolutions stick and how we can achieve what might have previously been unachievable.


It’s the time of year when it’s common for people to decide to turn over a new leaf and make bold statements such as “this year I will loose loads of weight”, or save money, go on holiday, get a promotion…

While it’s great to want to better ourselves, sometimes making big new years resolutions can be setting us up for a fall. Lisa recommends goals and intentions instead of hard and fast resolutions. It’s not about completely changing old habits, but taking small steps toward your goal. Eating a chocolate bar needn’t mean that the diet is a failure, if eating healthy foods most of the time and some progress is made.

Lisa went on to explain that “goals should come from within YOU”, and not from an external source. We shouldn’t decide that we need to change because someone else has told us to, it should be because we want to and can see the benefits of it. This is what Lisa calls your ‘Why’. If we set goals with no feeling, then we are much less likely to follow through with them and fail.

To succeed in our goals, Lisa suggested that we ask ourselves the right questions, so as to have a clear point of reference and then we can quantify where we are heading.
How much more more money do you want to earn?
You want to be more successful? What does success look like?
What will it feel like to reach your goal, and what will the benefits be?
Lisa talked to us about making vision boards which can be pinned up at home to remind us of what the dream looks like. When we have a clear picture of what your goal is really about, we can look at how to go about making it happen.

Lisa reminded us of a technique that we have spoken about before which is to stay ‘above the line’ and thinking positively. Instead of being negative and beating ourselves up about things, the idea is to pull yourself up into the positive. Take ownership, be accountable for our actions and take responsibility.


Lisa ended by talking about limiting beliefs and how the way we talk to ourselves can have a negative impact. Sometimes these beliefs are so ingrained in us that they are hard to over-ride, but anything is possible! If deep down we don’t think we can be successful in reaching our goals then it is quite likely we will fail, but with a positive attitude and self-belief you can do it!

If you’d like to find out more about Lisa you can check out her website.