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Creative Recovery asked me to help them with an identity for a programme of events called ‘Music Moves Us!’ which will encourage people to explore how music can make you feel good! The aim is aim to use the power of music to boost wellbeing and make positive changes in our community. Sounds great, right?

They wanted something bold and bright with a gig poster vibe. The events encompass a wide range of music and should appeal to everyone from 18-80+!

I was inspired by punk/rock/folk posters and I created a logo with an eyecatching ‘cut-out’ typeface on a black background for maximum impact. The different colours represents the range of styles and people involved in the project and gives it a fun, party feel.

The logo style is transferred on to the poster and leaflet design which is really flexible and can be used to advertise single, or multiple events without getting too crowded.