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January’s meeting was well attended, with lots of new years business resolutions to nourish and grow businesses being carried out. Long may it continue!

After settling down with cups of tea or beer for those who had had a long day, we started our  ’60 second’ introductions round the table (I’ll have to bring a timer next time – we do like to talk!) Everyone introduced themselves and their business. At this meeting I asked everyone to share something that they were struggling with at the moment, so that we might be able to put our heads together and come up with solutions. After this I handed over to Keith Evans, Managing Director of Cidaco who came along to tell us about his company and to share his experience and knowledge of working in the creative sector. CidaCo (formerly known as Creative Industries Development Agency) are a specialist training and consultancy company and are experts in creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. Simplifying it right down, they work alongside creative businesses to help maximise their potential and generate income. Keith specialises in strategic development, business transformation and commercialisation.

Keith kindly answered questions and gave advice in an open forum. Issues that were raised in the introductions such as how to scale up from a solo person business to increase revenue, the pros and cons of selling in shops, craft fairs or online, finding your target market, and if a niche can be too small? were discussed and hopefully everyone came away from the meeting with a some new ideas and perspectives.

Jason from Alternative Barnsley was live blogging at the meeting too, which was pretty cool! You can read his article featuring Crafty Business members here

You can find out more about CidaCo here –