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The client:

Preferred Futures assist families who need a bit of help at times with things like parenting, behaviour, domestic abuse, special educational needs, divorce and separation. They specialise in training and facilitating Family Group Conferencing (FGC). FGC is a way of bringing together extended families including friends, neighbours, significant others and any professional agencies involved to explore potential solutions and agree safe plans for the future.

As a newly formed organisation they wanted to work with a graphic designer based in Barnsley so that they could meet face-to-face and have a really active role in producing a logo to visually communicate their service.


The project:

Preferred Futures asked me to design a logo for their organisation which would be used on all communication – printed and online.

They wanted their logo design to graphically show the service that they provide. I had to keep in mind that it would need to communicate to both professional bodies and service users alike. These are two incredibly different groups of people, with different levels of understanding. After consultation we decided we needed a logo with a strong icon presence which could be easily recognised by everyone, even those who may find reading difficult.

Working closely with the client we created a logo which represents the extended family coming together to become a whole. Each of the three parts of the icon are speech marks which have been adapted to represent people and the family and professionals working together.

I paired this with a light, clean type to give balance which will appeal to both target audiences.


What the client said:

“We employed Steph at Black Bee Creative to design a logo for our newly formed company. She really took the time to listen and get to know our service and was able to draw out key words and concepts to enable her to explore different ideas. We had tight deadlines to work within and were impressed how quickly Steph came back to us with ideas and initial examples. As 4 individuals within a team we presented quite a challenge for Steph but she was able to grasp the spirit of our collective ideas and managed to encompass them all into her final design. We met on several occasions following which Steph went away and made amendments each time. Her persistence resulted in a fantastic logo which we felt truly represented our company.

Preferred Futures would recommend Black Bee Creative to any company looking for inspiration and great design.”