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Sarah Valentine-Bull was so enthusiastic about the branding work that I completed for her at Propolis that she wrote all about it! Here is her story.


A journey to change…


In December 2013 I set up my own business to support other businesses, was really proud of myself for having designed my own logo and strap line, but as time progressed it became clear that I needed to convey a more professional approach to match my service and skills. 

In June I took the plunge to ask Black Bee Creative to design both a logo and a leaflet. I felt nervous, as I was putting my pride and joy in the hands of someone else, but I gave a clear brief:
• More professional
• I need hexagons (the link back to the name)
• I wanted to ideally keep the same colours

Steph provided me with 6 very different designs, 2 close to the original design but 4 that really took me away from my design. I quickly narrowed this down to 2, the first was purple hexagons in a square and the second a brightly coloured hexagon and fed back to Steph my thoughts and concerns over both.

Within days I received some variables on the 2 logos I had selected and we arranged to get together to not only look at the logo but also the first drafts of the leaflet. The turnaround time for each step really worked for me enabling time to think over and get second opinions on this big decision.
Once it was narrowed down to 1 design it was a case of working with the colours to get the final design which was fantastic. The second design was used within the leaflet and Steph used the hexagon theme throughout helping demonstrate how the service proposition came together.
The final outputs on both logo and leaflet gave me as a business something I was really proud to present and share.


Working with Sarah was a real joy. I felt we had a great relationship, with lots of discussion and progress at each stage, ensuring that Sarah was happy with her new brand on a personal level, and also that it would appeal to her clients.

It was also fun to collaborate with Amy Law Photography to make that Sarah’s new photos on-brand and fitting with her new image.

Below is the finished leaflet and also some labels for the super-cute honey pots that Sarah gives away at events.