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As a fellow alumni of the Genesis business support programme at the BBIC in Barnsley, Sarah Greenwood and I have known each other for a while, and talked about working together for a long time before managing to get round to it, as she is one very busy lady!

We met up for a coffee last year to have a chat about her brand and, as it turned out, also about revisiting her business name, ‘Greenwood Packaging Consultancy’, which Sarah wasn’t 100% comfortable with as she didn’t think it reflected her business personality as well as she’d like it to.

I started the brand design process off as I usually do, by creating mood boards (see below) which were inspired by our initial briefing. I put together images, fonts and colours that I felt represented a theme we could follow through her brand. I also gave Sarah a list of names as a prompt to help get her thinking about what she could call her business.










After some research and reflection Sarah decided to change her business name to the beautifully simple ‘Sarah Greenwood Packaging’ which sounds much less corporate and much more ‘her’.

Sarah and I went through the mood boards picking up on things that she liked and disliked so I could get a better picture of how she wanted prospective clients to see her and where she would like to fit in to the existing market.

From this I had some clear ideas of what I could produce for her logo, which Sarah narrowed down to two options, and then we refined down to one – this simple, but beautiful egg yellow box which holds bold but ornate text. It’s bright and feminine but straightforward and business-like. Just like Sarah!

We love it!