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April’s Crafty Business Networking meeting saw a group of fantastic creative people get together to bask in the sunshine and get to know each other at Oak Star Cafe. This group is so hot we had to ask Greg to put the air-conditioning on. That’s how we roll!

This month we heard from Lisa Walker at White Apple Thinking. Lisa has a passion for helping people be the best version of themselves they can be and firmly believes that with the right amount of determination, encouragement and passion we can all succeed in our chosen field.

Following some comments from Crafty Business members on the Facebook group about lack of motivation, Lisa chose to speak to us about ‘The Pain that is Procrastination’, which is something everyone can relate to at some time or another.

Procrastination is a strange thing. Why, sometimes, can’t we just get on with ‘that job’? We know it needs to be done but we just can’t quite bring ourselves to start it. Why must we go through all the trivial little jobs like washing up and filing before tackling it? Why do we make our lives more difficult for ourselves?

Although frustrating, Lisa assured us that procrastination is completely normal and that once we accept it, we’re part of the way to overcoming it.

Lisa introduced us to a useful technique illustrated in my diagram below, which is to try and stay above the line and thinking positively. Instead of being negative (which we all do from time-to-time, again, that’s normal) pull yourself up into the positive. Take ownership, be accountable for our actions and take responsibility.


We were encouraged to think about what is stopping us from completing ‘that job’. Is it lack of knowledge, self belief, fear of failure, or even fear of success? Then we imagined what we would feel like when ‘that job’ is completed. How would our lives have changed?

Four questions to help you overcome procrastination:
1. What recurring tasks do you not do?
2. What is it that stops you completing them?
3. How will you feel when they’re done?
4. What will the benefits be for you when the tasks are done?

Lisa advises that we be kind to ourselves. Don’t feel bad and punish yourself if you’ve put something off again as that can lead to a downward spiral of negative thoughts.

And when you’ve completed ‘that job’, acknowledge your success and bask in the glory! It will be easier to do it again next time as the neurological pathways have been set.

This whole process took me back to how I felt when I’ve tackled jobs that have terrified me in the past (such as starting the Crafty Business Networking Group to name but one!) and the sense of accomplishment and pride I felt when I pulled it off! In future I will take Lisa’s advice and remind myself of those feelings which will spur me on to ‘just do it!’

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Thanks to everyone who came along. The group would be nothing of it wasn’t for you lovely people!